House On Fire

How far would you go to keep a promise? For fans of Jodi Picoult and Lisa Genova comes an unforgettable story of family, friendship, and the promises we aren’t sure anyone should honor. 

Bernadette Rogers swore she’d never put her father in a nursing home. Does that include euthanizing him to keep her word? Her mother thinks it does. Bernadette isn’t so sure. And even if she were, it’s not like you can walk into a drug store and buy Nembutal. 

Neo-hippie turned ICU nurse, Bernadette’s no stranger to the blunt realities of death but her mother’s request to help her father—who’s disappearing into the abyss of dementia—go “peacefully” blindsides her. Her mother thinks it’s assisted suicide. Bernadette knows better. Even if they do it for all the right reasons, it would still be murder. 

What was supposed to be a relaxing two-week break with her best friend becomes an emotional rollercoaster as Bernadette is forced to make an agonizing decision about her beloved father and figure out just how far she’s willing to go for love. 

House on Fire, a novel by D. Liebhart

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